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Astra Healthcare Astra Healthcare has appropriate mix of young aggressive and senior experienced appropriately qualified and trained healthcare management consultants, HR consultants, quality accreditation consultants, trainers and advisers. The consultants and faculty are extensively trained in communication skills and are ranked excellent by most of the client organizations they work with.

Dr. Major Sanjeev KUMAR Goswami has been a key guide and trainer for healthcare personnel at the level of healthcare providers at hospital level ranging from tertiary care hospitals to secondary care hospitals He has been a mentor and a teacher to those who have been instrumental in bringing this change for betterment in the healthcare delivery that it is now acknowledged to be the best .

Our consultant has prepared six hospitals/ for NABH Accreditation from 2011 to 2015 and All of these have undergone final Assessment & one. Is in process for final assessment ASTRA HEALTHCARE is a first generation organization based in NCR Delhi, driven by the mission for -

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PM Narendra Bhai Modi,Inaugurating Our Hospital Project At KIRAN HOSPITAL, SURAT On 17,APRIL,2017